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Our Story

WELCOME  to  My  name is Marene aka MOE.  Before the pandemic, I enjoyed creating handmade crafts like aprons,potholders and quilts for family and friends around the country.


However in March, as the COVID-19 pandemic began a reality for us all I, like many, feared for the safety of my loved ones. Face coverings were expensive and for some hard to come by, leaving many people, including my family, without any protection. My neighbor suggested  I try sewing masks, and I  made my first masks on March 22nd. From my quilting and apron projects I had a rich cache of fabrics, so I began making masks to send across the country to my daughter, an essential worker, her family and my grandchildren. I made masks for my neighbors, friends and other family members. Suddenly, others who saw the masks began asking where could they get one. After seeing that there is a real need I've created this site so that anyone who needs a mask can have easy access to them.

My goal is to provide high-quality masks without price gouging.  The selling of masks or any other product especially during a pandemic should not be about getting rich. That's why I've conservatively priced most of my masks at $5.00. Also, for orders of $35 or more shipping is free, making a weeks-worth of masks an easy and hassle free experience. MOEMASKS4U come in two styles, flat or cup. MOEMASKS4U are triple-layered with 1/8" wide elastic for comfort and are reusable. MOEMASKS4U come with care instructions. One size fit most. MOEMASKS4U are designed to best meet CDC recommendations for nose and mouth cover to serve as a protective barrier to help curtail the spread of viruses to and from one another.

Express yourself.  Covering half your face shouldn't deprive you of rocking your personality or your unique sense of fashion. With that in mind, it was important to me to offer a diverse array of fabrics to suit every personality. Solids, bold prints, sports teams, superheroes, TV, movie and cartoon characters are just a few examples to choose from. So whether you need something to match your professional attire, want to represent your favorite teams, want to make a political statement or just channel your inner superhero MOEMASKS4U has something for everyone. As an added bonus, all masks are reversible for more fashion options.


I invite you to visit my site often as I am constantly updating the available fabric selections.  Please continue to hold those you love dear and near. Help keep them safe by washing your hands, maintaining social distances and of course wearing your masks.